December 29, 2010

Tea Time

Please join Ruth and others here for Tea Time

I am having...

Chamomile tea in a large Christmas mug - a gift from my mother.  It is antique white with raised white poinsettias.

I am feeling...

Fat.  HA! Well, I do feel fat. I am not technically fat, but that is how I feel and I KNOW that I am out of shape.
On my mind...

New Year's resolutions and my Sophia. She is sleeping on the couch next to me with mustard rubbed all over her chest and arm.  She spilled boiling water on herself when she made tea tonight. The mustard is drying and the burn will be better by morning.  I am glad that she is sleeping peacefully and I thank God for dependable and natural remedies for all of life's problems.

A quote to share...

"Grant me a wish now, O bonny New Year,-
What do you wish me from far or anear?
Show me your gifts and your treasures rare,
Read me your prophecies, dark or fair!
What lies before me of loss or gain-
What is awaiting me, joy or pain?
What is my portion of bale or bliss-
Fate's cruel frown or fortune's kiss?
Whate'er you wish then O bright New Year,
Whether that wish bring a smile or a tear,
Message and token it still shall be
Sent by my Father through you to me."

(Excerpt from New Years Wishes by Martha Oliver, pub.1905 Mershon Co. New York.)


  1. I hope Sophia is better today. And that poem is beautiful.

  2. Lovely poem. Enjoyed your post and now I need to go fix myself a cup of tea. :)

    Hope Sophia heals well burns are so painful and scary.

  3. "Sent by the Father" indeed! That helps me keep my focus as well during my time of healing. Thank you! :)

    I'll have to remember the mustard for burns; I'd never heard of that remedy.


  4. Praying your Sophia heals well and is not in too much discomfort, I know burns are painful :-(

    The mustard (I presume the yellow kind?) makes sense because for 2nd degree sunburns (that blister, but not broken blisters) they recommend towels soaked in a white vinegar solution (I forget the concentration of that and water), and mustard is full of vinegar. It's probably the same concentration.

    I love your New Year's card...those old Victorian cards are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, and for enjoying my silly dog! She is lots of fun :-)


  5. So sorry to hear about Sophia. Praying the skin heals soon....

    Thank you for your encouraging note on my blog. Yes, I read George M's biography. He's our inspiration from day one we decided we step out of our own country.

    By the way, in many Asian culture, being fat is a positive sign that you are enjoying life :-)

    I pray you have plentiful harvest this new year, in your farm and also in your spiritual life.

    Love, prayers and blessings.

  6. I am sad to hear about Sophia, but very interested in the mustard, any sort of mustard will heal burns?? I haven't heard of this before. Glad to hear that Sophia is sleeping.

    You mug sounds lovely, do enjoy the tea:)

    Blessings to you and your family for the new year. God be with you each day.

  7. Thank you ladies, for enjoying tea time with me. Sophia is fine. She woke up the next morning with perfect skin and crusty mustard all over her sheets.

    I don't know exactly why the mustard works...but I always use it - Just the plain yellow kind with all natural ingredients. Noah got burned once when he grabbed a metal rod that was leaning against a wood stove. He wrapped his hand around it and had a stripe across his fingers. I didn't get any mustard on it until a few hours later. It still worked...but he had pain. Sophia did not have any pain except for the initial contact with the boiling water.

    Hope this information is helpful to you.


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