December 08, 2010

Tea Time

Please join Ruth and others here for Tea Time

I am having...

Earl Grey tea with a slice of toast.  The kids have just gone to bed, the Christmas tree lights are still on.  It is quiet.

I am feeling...

Tired after a long day.  Content with a little quiet time.  A little distracted with thoughts of friends and family and their suffering.  I know that prayer is good and effective but sometimes I wish I could just fix things for people myself.  But here, and now, I can only pray.  I am glad to pray for them.

On my mind...

Tomorrow.  Another day at the farm.  It is a mixed blessing to be there.  No computer, no phone, just a wood stove, my children, and a customer here and there to chat with.  A simple and pleasurable day.  But there is a lot of preparation for a day away and work left undone to come home to. Thankfulness for whatever comes is the key to enjoying it all.
A quote to share...

Noah (six years old) got a tip from a customer today - 50 cents in the form of two quarters.  Tell me if this little story doesn't make you want to squeeze the loveableness outta him? 

Me:  "Whatcha gonna do with your money, babe?"
Noah: "Welp, with this one," he holds up one quarter, "I'm gonna buy a candy and with this one," holding up the other quarter "I'm gonna buy a real horse.  I bet Mrs. Wallmark next door has one I could buy."

(we live next door to a horse ranch)


  1. A day of quiet time on the farm sounds so peaceful!

    Your tea set picture is beautiful :)

  2. ...a simple and pleasurable day... what a blessing to hear such phrase. It already makes my heart glad to hope for a day like this. Living in a big city is very exhausting even if you are doing nothing. But anyhow I thank God that He can reach to us and revive our soul wherever we are.

    Thanks for blessing my heart thru your post, Laura. I learn a lot from your attitude towards life.I can imagine how hard it is to live and work in a farm but you seem to never run out of reasons to be thankful.

    Yes, my Ben is going to college!!! It still hasn't sunk in to my heart that I have a young man now.
    Tell Noah he made me wish to have 2 horses with my dollar :-) Oh, the faith of a child!

  3. Awww Noah *hugs*

    I feel exactly the same way as you sometimes - just fix things for loved ones myself. But well, praying is the way to go and much easier when someone bigger than the rest of us does the job.

    A day at the farm? I'm so jealous! And happy for you. I'll imagine myself in beautifully rustic settings - without a care in the world. That must help :) Have a great time at the farm tomorrow!

  4. Dear Mrs Santos, thankful for sharing your lovely day. May God bless you this week

  5. Sometimes quiet days are what we need. But I hear you--work undone is hard to come back to! Your little boys sounds adorable!!


  6. Oh! sounds wonderful. Cherish these times. They much too quickly fleet away! Have a grand day! Cathy

  7. I long for quiet days with no computer, no phone, and just a woodstove. (I used to volunteer at an 1890's living history I can actually picture a day like that, LOL!)

    I didn't have time to do a post today, my daddy had surgery on Monday (he's doing okay, just going to be a long recovery, I think), so I've been driving back and forth to school, clubs, hospital, store, etc. all week. But I wanted to stop by and say "hello" and enjoy your teacup tonight!

    What kind of farm do you live on? My oldest (almost 19) is on his way to becomjing a sheep farmer. I am so in love with what he wants to do, I think that his life will be very rich. Not in money or things, but in other ways that I desperately long for but will not have here in the busy suburbs of Chicagoland. That ol' grass, it always looks greener elsewhere, doesn't it? :-)

    Blessings and {{{HUGS}}},

  8. Mrs. Santos,

    Noah is so cute. I like his ideas of what he will do with his quarters. :)

    I know what you mean about "fixing things yourself." I get that way alot it seems. However, the Lord is the only one who can change things.

    At any rate, sounds like your days at the farm have been peaceful, yet reflective.


    -Lady Rose

  9. That story about Noah is great! Your blog is great for people from afar to keep up with how the kids are growing. I was going through the old posts and read the one about Naomi's salvation. I do praise the Lord with you.


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