December 18, 2010

The Truth shall set you free

When I was driving to the farm yesterday, I pulled up behind a white sedan at a red light.  The back of the car was plastered with vulgar pictures and bumper stickers.  Before I knew better, I had read almost all of them: ugly sayings about the driver's body parts and what evil things he wanted to do to the driver behind him.  Oh! It was awful and I looked away humiliated.

I looked at the driver in his side view mirror.  He was sitting low in his seat and his face was puffy and red.  He looked angry and proud. He caught me looking at him and gave me a smirk that made me check to see if all my doors were locked.

My first reaction was disgust.  I clucked my teeth and shook my head.  I started to talk to myself (being alone in my car) about all the evil people in this world.

But then, as if someone was whispering in my ear, I remembered that God is in control of ALL things. I thought, "I wonder if anyone prays for that man?" I started to pray for him.  I prayed that this Christmas he would hear the story of Jesus and his heart would be pricked.  That he would turn from his prideful ways toward the Lord.  I was full of confidence in my God and I started to laugh with joy as I thought of that hard man laying down all of his hate and anger in exchange for the peace of knowing Jesus.

While Christmas bells are ringing, rich and poor, their voices raise, And a simple carol singing Wafts to heaven grateful praise.

"My soul, there is a country afar beyond the stars,
Where stands a winged sentry all skillful in the wars.
There, above noise and danger, sweet peace sits, crowned with smiles,
And one born in a manger commands the beauteous files.
He is thy gracious friend, and (O! my soul, awake!)
Did in pure love descend, to die here for thy sake.
If thou canst get but thither, there grows the flower of peace,
The rose that cannot wither, the fortress, and thy ease.
Leave, then, thy foolish ranges; for none can thee secure
But One who never changes, thy God, thy Life, thy Cure."

~Henry Vaughan, Christmas Poems, pub. 1897


  1. Thinking about you today. Missed you and the Santos family yesterday. Hope you are staying warm and I love you. Cheri

  2. Mrs. Santos,

    What a humbling story. It's very easy to look down upon others who are "ugly" with disgust. However, Jesus calls us to reach-out to others, even those who may appear "ugly" on the inside.

    I learned a valuable lesson from you story. Thank you for sharing it.

    -Lady Rose


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