November 08, 2010

We've been tagged

My good blog friend Judy tagged me.  This means I am to write 30 things about myself and then tag 30 other people. It is always so much fun to read other people's tags, but I confess, I do not like to play.  I love it that people want to know about me, but I can't think of anything to list. Besides, if I wrote 30 things about myself, you would probably fall asleep by number 8.

So, since this is The Santos Times, I thought our family would do this tag together.  In this way, we hopefully won't bore you to death and you can get to know us a bit better.  Also, if no one reads this list, then the five of us can look back and reminisce.


1. I am allergic to red ants and most metals (all except platinum and gold).
2. If I could have anything in the world, I would have a cook, a gardener and a diamond ring.
3. I cut my own hair.
4. I would rather be hot than cold.
5. I pretend I am organized, but I'm not.
6. Good manners are very important to me.  I think it is a simple way to love our neighbor.

(If this list didn't kill you, you might be interested in this tag or this game.)

Mr. Santos: (written by the family)

1. Does not like bread - prefers tortillas.
2. Works hard and drinks lots of coffee.
3. Loves his children.
4. Enjoys learning and is always reading or watching documentaries.
5. Relaxes by going on long drives.
6. Has a very handsome smile.

Sophia: (age 9)

1. I want my own blog.
2. I love to play games. My favorite games, so far, are Rummikub and Monopoly.
3. I like taking pictures of nature. I would take pictures all day, if I could.
4. I like Salvadorean food.
5. I would like to go to Italy someday.
6. My worst chore is washing dishes and my best chore is cleaning the chalk board.

Naomi: (age7)

1. I run really slow.
2. I would like to go on a cloud.
3. I love hearts.
4. Noah is my best buddy.
5. I like flowers.
6. My favorite candies are chocolate and bubble gum.

Noah: (age 6)

1. I run really fast.
2. My favorite dinner is spaghetti.
3. My favorite drink is Kombucha.
4. My favorite movie is "The Iron Giant"
5. My hobby is pulling out Sophia's hair.
6. My best chore is closing the dresser drawers.


  1. That was really delightful to read your lists.
    And my hubby and I play Rummikub, it is the best.
    Love and Blessings,

  2. Mrs. Santos,

    "My favorite hobby is pulling out Sophia's hair?" LOL! Your "little man" is funny. Your children have some interesting comments. I like Sophia's wanting to go to Italy, and Naomi's, "Noah is my best buddy." :)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this list. I actually read the entire thing. :)


    -Lady Rose

  3. Oh, that was so much fun to read! I would love to "sit on a cloud", too! :)
    Love you,

  4. This was *really fun* to read! I had to laugh at your son's favorite hobby of pulling out his sister's hair. (o;

  5. Thank you ladies for all your kind comments. It's good to know we didn't bore you. Jan, Sophia is delighted to know that someone all the way in Australia plays the same game as she does.

  6. I enjoyed reading this post. I'm happy to know more about your beautiful family, Laura. Maybe your slowest runner is the fastest compared to those children (like mine) who never had the blessing to run freely in a beautiful field you have ;-)

    God bless your family!

  7. Only 5?? I was very interested in reading more! Love you!


  8. WONDERFUL! Thank you for playing Laura...even when you really don't like making lists about yourself!
    Please tell us:
    How to make a Salvadorean dish of some sort!
    And also...what is "Kimbucha"? I think I spelled it wrong already! LOL
    Your family is a true blessing and delight to us!
    I hope Mr. Santos knows that you can watch National Geographic videos FREE online!

  9. Hi Judy~ The Salvadorean food Sophia likes is pupusas. They are thick corn tortillas that are stuffed with meat and cheese and eaten with a spicy cabbage mixture.

    Very yummy, simple and filling.

    Kombucha is a fermented tea drink flavored with fruit juice. Good for digestion and getting probiotics in the system. Tastes a little like vinegar. (LOL, I'm imagining your facial expression)

    I'll let Mr. Santos know about the National Geographic...or maybe not. That will mean we ALL have to watch it and sometimes it's all I can take to sit before ANOTHER documentary (lol)

    Sarah, you're so cute. I want to see YOUR list!

  10. I doubt we would be bored by number 8!!! You sound a very interesting and lovely lady.

    I wish I could cut my own hair, I do my fringe but it always ends up all over the place, maybe becuase it is curly!!

    Your childrens lists are lovely - what a great idea.


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