November 18, 2010

Tea Time

Please join Ruth and others here for Tea Time

I am having...

Jasmine tea in a blue mug. Are you bored with my same old, same old? Sorry. My tea cups just don't hold enough tea and my pot (pots) have broken or chipped. The tea set above looked so sunny on this grey day.

I am feeling...

Thankful. Even though life is hard, God is Faithful. I never go through any hardship alone.

On my mind...

The busy weekend ahead. We will be cutting boughs and making Christmas wreaths like crazy. It will be cold and wet with rain and snow. I am not looking forward to it. There is only one more week until opening day at the tree farm. However, we have been invited out for Thanksgiving Day. I am so glad that we will have a day of rest before the children and I are required at the farm every day.

A quote to share...

We would limit God to the painting of perfect clouds in an unchanging sky. Yet for wise reasons that are filled with life, He tossed His clouds up and let the winds carry them over the horizon. Glory comes to the overcomer through contest and triumph, not through the routine of the fixed and limited.

~Michael Pearl, By Divine Design


  1. Thanks for sharing tea! I think I use the same cup each time too! I don't have a true tea cup or tea pot, but I love the one you shared! I hope you find enjoyment with your family- at work or play- this holiday season!

  2. Do you live on a tree farm? How exciting. Even though it must be hard work what a great place to be.

  3. I have only one or two teacups, too. And the picture of your yellow pot and cup is beautiful!

    Blessings to you,

  4. Very interesting quote you've shared today ~ I will pray for you and the children to be warm and cozy as you work on the farm this season!
    What a wonderful help you all are to your husband! GOD BLESS YOU!

  5. Your visit, Laura, is an encouragement. You bring warmth each time you come by. Thank you for sharing the verse. It is very comforting. I'll be fine. I'm just missing my friends. I'll surely share more details when I'm over it. Thanks again.

    I love the honey tea set you shared. I hope you enjoy that day of rest. May God gives you strength enough each day as you work in the farm. I pray for good health too for each family member. How exciting it is to have real trees and wreaths. We use the plastic ones here :(


  6. Nice tea set! Have fun for your busy week ahead, just keep yourself warm! Happy Weekend!

  7. Mrs. Santos,

    I don't get "bored" with you "same ole same ole." Sometimes, it's good to have some things stay the same. It helps give you a sense of comfort. :)

    Oh, so I see it's going to be time to be back the the farm full-time again, eh? :( Oh dear. I pray that the Lord will get you through it, for I know how difficult it was for you last year to deal with that situation.

    Lastly, I like the tea set that you picked to show today as your photo. It looks very bright and cheery.

    Blessings and Friendship,

    -Lady Rose

  8. That is one lovely teapot and cup. It would be one I would use. But I usually use teabags and use the same mug every day. All very dull.

    May you have a wonderful week, filled with fun.



  9. Hi Laura, This is Auntie Rhoda, my on-line name is winna. I have a blog too. I am new to blogging and didn't have my settings right, so Lisa said she got a rejection e-mail from me. I thought how could that be, I need all the friends I can get. We are here at Uncle Glen's house and she helped me fix my blog so nobody gets rejected accidentally again, now if you get rejectid, I really mean it( chuckle, chuckle). Thanks for the phone call. I am not a phone caller back. May be I'll be good at reurn blogging. The pictures of the kids are really precious. I can't believe how much Sophia looks like your mom when she was young. I promise to read your posts later when I get home and comment. Love, winna

  10. Hello Ladies~ Thank you so much for joining me for tea. We had a cold but productive weekend at the farm.

    Thank you also for your prayers. God did give me strength. I was able to work like I never thought I could. And it didn't snow!

    What a blessing all of you are to me.


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