October 04, 2010

This is not my real home

It was only eleven o'clock. I woke to the sound of lots of coughing coming from the top bunk.

"Wake up, Noah. Let's go get you some water."

Coughing, coughing, coughing. His nose had been running all day so I should have been expecting this.

While he sipped water I mixed a little paste to rub on his chest. (coconut oil and a few drops each of eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender).

He coughed and spit for about 30 minutes. I massaged the rub into his chest and back and the cough settled down.

"Mom, this is the worst day of my life!"

"Oh, no it's not my boy. You are just a little sick. Momma and Dad will help you."

Noah's small round head was red with the constant coughing. I squirted some colloidal silver in his nose and gave him a swallow of Taheebo and Body Balance (vitamins)

While he sat on my lap and I continued to rub the paste into his skin he said,

"I hope I don't die, Mom."

"I hope you don't die either. I'm not ready for God to take you home yet. But God knows what is best. Let's pray.

Dear Lord, thank you for Noah's life and for the plans you have for him. Please help him to feel better and help us to know how to take care of him."

After a few more applications of the chest rub and some warm tea, I settled Noah in some warm blankets up against some soft pillows. He slept the rest of the night sitting up to help with "drainage" next to an open window. The night air helped him to breathe easier.

I thought long on what he said and my reply. For all the joys and sorrows this life gives us, it will end. There is an eternal home waiting for us all. Why do I so often look for "eternity" here? I strive to make my life easier, beautiful and productive. These are good things...but is it just for myself?

I think so much of my own happiness and comfort. In light of eternity this doesn't seem like a very good purpose.

God tells us at least 19 times (though many more times in different words) to LOVE one ANOTHER. Lord, please help me make this more evident in my life.

p.s. my big boy woke up fine and dandy this morning. God is good to give us more days together, here on earth.


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    This was a very touching post. Yes, I am also thankful that the Lord has given you more time to spend with your son, Noah.

    I'm sure at the time of his coughing and illness, he was scared. When he said, "I hope I don't die mama," I liked your response - you directed his attention to trust in the Lord. That is what we are supposed to be doing with our children, our family, our friends, and other people that we meet - we are to direct them to the Lord.

    Finally, you are correct,this earth is not our eternal home. How I often need to be reminded of this simple yet important fact.

    Blessings to you and your family.

    -Lady Rose

  2. Yes, Lady Rose, he was a little scared. He was coughing so much that he vomited and the day before a good friend (a dog named Tip) died. He had helped bury the dog and death was on his mind.


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