October 29, 2010

Pine Needle Beds & An Evening Alone

Wonderful News! We sold all our pumpkins!

Without even taking a breath, we are now on to Christmas trees and wreaths. We have already started cutting boughs and lining up orders for the season.

The children helped to fill the back of the truck full of boughs and then they laid across the pile as Mr. Santos drove the load up to the shed. "Mom, this is the softest, best smelling bed in the world! Can we sleep here tonight?"

My answer was "no," but Mr. Santos said "yes." So the clan is out at the farm (without bathrooms, showers, bed or me - and NO, I don't feel a bit guilty) camping out in the shed. That means I am home alone...What to do? What to do?

Well, I cleaned the house. I can't enjoy being in a messy house. Then I made some comfort food (scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, toast and tea), put on some warm jammies and turned on a Video.

It was a sermon by Charles Ware. He's full of life and intelligence. The message was really for young people - college students - but I learned so much.

These are some of my favorite quotes from the sermon:

"Christianity is the only thing I know where the people wanna be on the team but they don't wanna get in shape, don't wanna get hit, don't wanna play."
"Most Christians are fans and not players. They don't understand the game, and can't play the game because they are not in shape - no discipline."

I hope you watch it sometime.

I am off to bed now. With a song in my head (from the sermon).

Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world
Red, Brown, Yellow, Black, and White,
They are precious in his sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed your night alone. I bet that doesn't happen often with three kids and a husband :-). How did the family do at the farm all night? Were they cold? Was it weird being alone? Love you.

  2. Hi Lis~ They did fine. They weren't cold with a hot fire in the wood stove. It was weird and a little scary being alone. I didn't sleep too well, but it was nice to wake up and go about my business in a quiet and calm way. If only I could be like that with all the family pulling at me...


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