October 05, 2010


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Outside my window...

Wet grass and sunshine highlighting countless spider webs between the trees. The heads of the sunflowers are hanging low, heavy with seeds.

I am thinking...

It is time for a new dresser for the children. One drawer has no bottom...though they have finagled a bottom with an old board game. LOL

I am thankful for...

My punkin pies ~ Sophia, inquisitive and caring, Naomi, creative and giggly, Noah a sweet, yet tough dynamo.

I am learning...

Love never fails. But to give love sometimes is an act of the will and very difficult to do...especially for your enemies.

Have you ever been offended? Provoked beyond measure? God calls us to love our enemies. But how? I am learning that if you are brave enough to ask that question, God will give you an answer. Then, it's up to us to obey.

Love never fails. It may not turn things MY way, but it will most definitely work out God's ways, and His ways are always best.

From the kitchen...

Whole wheat blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I added walnuts today and they were very yummy.

Warm chili soup with crackers for a late lunch.

I am wearing...

a navy skirt with a cranberry cable knit sweater. The skirt is long and "flowy" so you can't tell that I am wearing soft cottony capris underneath to keep me warm. I also have my moccasin slippers on.

I am creating...

a CD of scripture songs with my children to give for Christmas presents.

I am going...

to visit some friends who are musicians. We will sing our tunes and hopefully they will be able to accompany us with their instruments.

I am remembering...

A kind lady that lives in Canada, Anne. She is elderly and we have been pen pals, only I haven't heard from her in a while. We always end our cards "meet you at the mailbox." It is her turn to write and it has been unusually long since I've heard from her. I guess I will send a card. I am scared that it will be "returned to sender"

I am reading...

"Reclaiming Surrendered Ground" by Jim Logan

I highly recommend this book. I think it is for every believer, but especially if you have a problem in your life that seems never ending (a sin, a provoking person, etc.).

I am hoping...

That my children won't struggle with pride like I do.

I am hearing...

the quiet of the house. Noah is napping...he is sick. Naomi is coloring and Sophia is working on her "computer." Well, that's what we call it. It is really an electronic dictionary with a calculator, thesaurus, Spanish translator, gaming device and personal chef. OK. No chef, but I wish.

Around the house...

signs of age. I already told you about the state of the kid's dresser. There is a new rip in the living room arm chair. The stains in the carpet seem to be especially dark today and the cupboard doors to the dish cabinet broke last night.

HOWEVER, I do have some green thread that matches the chair. I suppose I can fix that rip if I set my mind to it. AND, we do have children...what can I say? Stained carpets and children go together, right? Mr. Santos fixed the cupboard doors this morning.

So, all in all...a lived in house. Thank you, Lord.

In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. 1Thess 5:18

One of my favorite things...

A beautiful painting.

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Today we will work on our CD and the rest of the week will be spent at the farm. I would love to head out of town on Saturday for a nutrition seminar...it's supposed to rain that day...I am hoping Mr. Santos will run the pumpkin patch without me.

We'll see.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

This is Naomi with our good friend "Tip." He died a few days ago (hit by a car). Though he wasn't our dog, the children helped to bury him. It has opened so many discussions...We will miss him.


  1. Oh, Mrs. Santos! I LOVE reading your "Daybooks"!!! They are soooooo encouraging! I was driving in the car this morning, just as the sun was coming up. I drove past a really pretty and rustic looking farm with a fence that had a ton of spider webs that glistened in the morning sun, too!! VERY pretty!!

    What you are "learning" I found very encouraging and uplifting!

    Thank you again for your encouraging writings!!

    Love you,

  2. Thankyou for sharing your day. I must look up the book you mentioned. Sad to hear about the dog, it can be very upsetting for children.

    I took a photo of the applblossomed this evening and noticeed a spider web on the branch, it looked so pretty.

  3. That's a wonderful picture you shared. I think it's a wonderful idea to make songs for Christmas. I love hearing my grands sing. I really don't hate the music on blogs. Most are great songs. I dislike bloggers who assume everyone wants to hear it. I changed the word from hate to dislike so as not to offend. I listen to Bible studies while I blog. I have to not only find the place to turn the music off but back up my study to see what I missed. Yesterday I just left the blogs without reading them when they had music. I will try to be kinder next week. Doylene

  4. Hi Tarra and Jo and Doylene~thank you for your visit to the Times and for your comments. We love having visitors.

    How many grandkids do you have Doylene?


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