September 04, 2010

OK...we admit it.

We are John Denver fans.

These are our favorites.

For you and your sweetie.

The children sing this at the top of their lungs.

And for those of you praying for me in my "light affliction" Thank you so much. I feel your prayers and covet them.


  1. I love him too, since I sew him in a small concert in Germany years ago.

  2. oh no!! LOL! No, I'm not a John Denver fan ;)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend with your family. Blessings!

  3. Amanda~Your comment made me smile :) Sounds like something my sisters would say...who are also NOT fans. But c'mon! Don't you think Annie's song is romantic?

  4. Huhnerstall~Thank you for your comment and your visit all the way from Germany...Have a wonderful day.

  5. I like John Denver, too! I saw him in concert at Red Rocks Theater just outside of Denver. Amazing!

  6. lol, I ADORE John Denver!!! Always have, always will. :-)

    IllinoisLori at Plans4You

  7. sister here. love john denver. hubby loves him, so i love him. Mike was one of the last people on land to see him alive... he died in his plane right after playing golf at the course he worked at. Denver left his hat and hubby kept it for a while....thanks for the share. There is a time a place for everything, even John Denver tunes.

  8. Hi Cheri~ WOW! And you have no idea how happy all us Santos people feel knowing all our Luecks listen to JD too. :)


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