September 11, 2010

Have you been where I am now?

You never thought you would be here, but somehow you are. Perhaps it's your health. A spouse. Financial burdens. Because of "whatever," You are not able to be the mother you want to be...or the wife, or the daughter.

The "if only's" play in your mind.

Maybe it is time to consider that you are not meant to be the woman you want to be, but the woman GOD wants you to be.


  1. wow. Very thought provoking.


  2. You have NO IDEA how much this touched me and how much I needed this right this very minute!

    I struggle so much to be the woman I "think" God wants me to be, based upon what others have to say on the subject. I'm sitting here feeling like a failure, and perhaps I need to be praying and asking God, just what HE wants me to be able to accomplish as a wife and mother!

  3. Mrs. Santos,

    You must have been thinking about me when you wrote this. :)

    Anyway, this thought is very humbling, yet, it is loaded with many truths. Thank you for sharing.

    -Lady Rose

  4. Kristi Lea~ AMEN! I'm so encouraged by your comment. Thanks for sharing.

    Lady Rose~ It is humbling, especially if you are like me who is so prone to blame my unhappiness on something or someone.

    Hi Lis~

  5. This touched me a lot. It's been months since I read my Bible, but the Lord sure knows where to find me. Every blog I've been skimming through tonight has had some religious content. At yours I stopped for more than a minute, because this really spoke to me. Thank you!


  6. Camilla~Thank you for visiting. I'm glad that this post was an encouragement to you. It encourages ME that I am not alone in the struggles I am going through. Many blessings to you.


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