July 24, 2010

Papi Alejandro

The Santos Times are on a roller coaster.


Mr. Santos' father died this week. SWOOP! Down at full speed, our stomachs jumping to our throats. The loops, the jerking turns, the emotion...

Death. O death, where is your victory? Where is your sting?

Ah, But there is nothing like death to bring out the hidden character of a man...of men...of all the men and women impacted by The Death.

"Motives" comes to visit. That hidden character. He is very hard to deal with...so cunning and indirect.

"Regrets" comes too. I can't stand her. She whispers and pokes and even yells in your face. I hate how she provokes my man and my family. The only way I can deal with her is to send her away. I do what I can to ensure she never comes knocking again.

The visitors flood in at death. Fear, Pride, Greed, Sadness, Anger, even Hope comes...so many visitors. You want to send them away, but a cloud is hovering...This thick grey cloud called death. If only the sun would shine and the cloud would vanish.

Some of us are able to get out from under the cloud. Joyfully, I can grab the hand of my Shepherd and he leads me to green pastures. There is peace and quiet there. Just Him and me and a table prepared before me in the presence of my enemies. I smile and rest in the safety of my strong Shepherd. How he loves me! How I love Him!

But not all of us are able. I look back over there, under that dark grey cloud. I see my loved one in anguish.

Come! Come with me! Take His hand and we can be together here in this quiet green pasture.

Will he come? Pray he does. Pray they do. Pray.


Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. Ex 14:13

Precipitancy (being hasty) cries, "do something. Stir yourself; to stand still and wait, is sheer idleness." We must be doing something at once—we must do it - so we think—instead of looking to the Lord, who will not only do something but will do everything. Presumption boasts, "If the sea be before you, march into it and expect a miracle." But Faith listens neither to Presumption, nor to Despair, nor to Cowardice, nor to Precipitancy, but it hears God say, "Stand still," and immovable as a rock it stands. "Stand still";—keep the posture of an upright man, ready for action, expecting further orders, cheerfully and patiently awaiting the directing voice; and it will not be long ere God shall say to you, as distinctly as Moses said it to the people
of Israel, "Go forward." ~ Charles Spurgeon


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    I am sorry for the loss of your father-in-law. I pray that you will provide strength for your husband during this difficult time for him.

    My own father died in October 11, 2007, and it was quite painful indeed. In fact, it's still a hard thing for me to accept, but I am still learning to deal with this reality each day.

    Anyway, take care dear sweet lady. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  2. Thanks Hybrid for the encouragement.

    Mrs. LS~ It is hard isn't it? Ugh. We leave for El Salvador tomorrow so you won't see any postings for a while. We missed the funeral, but we will visit with Mr. Santos' mom and see where he is buried etc.

    Thank you for praying for us...we need it.

  3. miss you sister. praying for you every day.


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