July 02, 2010

Key to fighting fights

Children bickering again. Momma ready to pull out her hair. Looking in the rear view mirror at three dark haired littles with scowls on their faces.

"Do you know that the Bible has a question for you?" Momma asks.

In unison "It does?"

"Yes, the Bible asks you 'What causes you to fight?' and did you know the Bible answers the question for you?"

The scowls were gone, but there was no answer.

"It says you fight because you WANT." (james 4:1)

Brother thinks of how he wants sister to stop calling him a sissy. Sister thinks of how she wants brother to give her back the pencil. Oldest thinks of how she wants little sister to help clean up.

Wanting, always wanting.

There is a thirty minute drive ahead. Momma glances in the rear view mirror again. Scowls are back. Arms are crossed. Wants not met. Fighting and Bickering about to begin again.

"So, if the fighting is going to stop, you have to stop wanting," Momma begins her lecture. "This is a hard thing to do. But there is a magic weapon. It is a key. A special key. All you have to do is put it in your heart, turn it, and all your wants go away. Then you won't want to fight anymore!"

The children looked at their momma in the mirror with renewed interest.

"A magic key?" Naomi asked.

"Yep, baby ~ a magic key. Do you know what it is called?" Momma replied.

The children replied one by one with a "No."

Momma had a proposition. "I'll tell you what! You three think about it and we'll see if you can figure out the key's name before we get home."

All disputes forgotten, they began the guessing game. The answers were right out of a Sunday School dream. 'Jesus!' 'Faith!' 'Self-Control!' etc. But no one had the right answer.

Occasionally, Momma would give hints. "Sometimes, you have to turn the key in your heart many times ~ like the key on a music box ~ but you can be sure that your wants will leave every time."

The thirty minutes passed and the car drove up the road to the little blue apartment. Momma was disappointed that the children hadn't guessed correctly. How had they missed this lesson? But she hoped that the guessing game would help them remember and apply God's Truth to their life.

"The name of the magic key is "THANKFULNESS". If you take time to be thankful, it is much easier to send your wants away. Let's practice!"

Brother gave thanks for all that he liked about his sister. This made him able to forgive. Sister gave thanks that there were other pens and pencils to be had and that she had plenty to share. Oldest gave thanks for the littles and for the things she owned. Wants melted away and a new lesson was learned.


  1. You're a good mom Laura.

  2. Thank you, Lisa, for the encouragement. You are a good auntie.


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