July 11, 2010

Church Picnic

The Lord has truly blessed me. I sing in my heart that song "I'm so glad I'm a part of the family of God."

Yesterday, my family enjoyed a summer picnic. It was so relaxing and edifying. All the stresses of life were forgotten for an afternoon as we enjoyed one another, good food and pure conversation. Mr. Santos played horseshoes with the gentlemen, I buzzed about the ladies and the children ran wild playing with sticks and going from picnic to picnic to graze for snacks.

This picnic was different from most picnics I've been to. At this one everyone was of the same mind about a few important things. It was clear that hot weather didn't mean you walk around without any clothes on; that conversation was to be encouraging, to build you up and not tear each other apart; that the Lord is the best topic of conversation or praise.

Everyone set up "camp" in the shade to enjoy their food, family, and people watching.

The beautiful maple tree we sat under to enjoy our picnic ~ it felt so pleasant, cool and safe under those wide branches.

Lots of fun relays for the competitive spirit.

And they're off!

Lining up for the "Big-n-little three legged race". I'm the one with the hat on next to my seven year old sweetheart.

Good Buddies about to play the water balloon toss~a perfect game for a hot day.
only 9 more days till that cute dark-haired boy on the right turns 6 years old.

Our hero and tough man, Mr. Santos in the Tug-o-war contest.

Sophia in the middle ~ participating in one of the relays. "That looks hard to do, Sophia!" "Nah, Mom, it was a piece o' cake!" LOL

Pie Contest~ 27 entries to taste and enjoy! I didn't enter this year...maybe next time. One of the winners was a scrumptious banana cream with a toasted coconut crust...Yum!

Through out the day, many of the young people played music and sang...here a group of beautiful women sings "leaning on the everlasting arms" Whatsoever ye do do as unto the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. You look so pretty in your skirt and hat. I like how the women are all wearing skirts and looking feminine - and not at all amish. You know what I mean.

    NOAH is going to be 6!!! I can't believe how big he is. Did he or Sophia win their contests? Did Luis win the tug of war?

    I wish we could take a picnic together. Maybe I can take my laptop, and you can take one, and we can skype or something so it feels like we're together.

    Love you.

  2. Lisa~ you always satisfy my "comments craving". LOL. Skype? Or maybe you could just get yourself up here for a visit! Bring Joseph and Zoe with you.

  3. That was a very fun day!! It was soooo nice to see you and your family there!!

    I didn't know that Noah and Sophia made a pie... what kind did they make??

    I am actually am working on a post about the Church Picnic right now. I just took a little break to check up on yours :)

    Love you.

  4. Thank you Tarra, we had a great time. No, we did not make a pie, but we did enjoy tasting them. I can't wait to pop over and read your post.

    Love you too,

  5. You are so blessed to have a wonderful church community, where, as you said, you are all like-minded about important things like your faith, modesty, and purity. Your photos are wonderful! I wish we had such things here. Our church is only open every other Sunday, which is because there are only 6 of us. Sad. And I sure know what you mean about the hot weather bringing people out wearing practically nothing. It happens here all the time. It was so refreshing and uplifting to read about and see your church picnic! Blessings to you all...

  6. Hi Stacy~ I'm glad you enjoyed the post. It was many years that I was looking for a good church. Part of me struggled with "this is too good to be true" and "maybe the standard here is too high and legalistic."

    But God's standards are high and His way is narrow. What is the best though is loving the brethren. You know how the Bible says "they will know ME by your love for one another." That was the big difference. Even though there are only 6 of you, your love for one another will be a light to those around you. Hope you will find more time to meet together.

    Blessings to you too.

  7. Looks like a great time had by all.

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  8. Oh this looks like such a wonderful and fun day for your family and such lovely photos
    God Bless you


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