July 15, 2010

Check it out!

On our sidebar you will notice a new link to "Sophia's Picture Thoughts." These are pages of Sophia's photos (age 9)and her little poems. New pages will be added periodically and they will also be updated here and there. We will let you know when there are updates.

Won't you go visit and leave her a sweet comment?

Happy Day to you!


  1. Mrs. Santos, this is such a clever idea! I love it!

  2. Sophia, I love your pictures and your desire to notice and capture every little detail of God's creation. You're pretty good with such a simple camera too. I'm glad you're around to capture all our moments.

    Your poems make me smile.
    Love, Mom

  3. Sophia, when I look at your pictures and read your poems I think I am reading a famous magazine!!! You are very talented. I looooooove your pictures. I looove your poems. My favorite poem is the strawberry one. Love you Sophia bonia.

  4. I like all of them and your poems too!

  5. Yellow flowers remind me of the sun too, and that is the perfect shade of purple. What color roses are your favorite?

    You do a very good job taking the pictures my pretty neice. Keep em coming.

    Laura - is there any way to comment directly on Sophia's part?

    Love you.
    Auntie Lisa

  6. I sure will, thanks for the link. Thanks also for dropping by Beach Vintage.


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