June 20, 2010

Safety in God's Hands

We had just arrived at church.

"Go sit down." Mr. Santos directed the children. The three of them headed towards 'our pew' ~ the back row on the left. We always sit there. But wait, some loving church members wanted to greet the children with a hug and a hello.

When was the last time you stopped someone for a hug and a hello?

I was "hugging and helloing" in the lobby. The children walked into the sanctuary.

Suddenly, crashing metal, splintered wood, shattered glass. The sound was deafening. Was there an earthquake? Where were the children? The sound was coming from the left side of the church. The children are over there. Did they drop something? Gasps and screams. All heads turning to the left...to where the children were. I couldn't see them. People were running.

I ran to see what happened. Where are the children? Where is my husband?

A car had crashed through the church wall, plowing through the two back pews on the left.

If it wasn't for the hugging and helloing, my family might not have survived this Father's day. The children saw the car coming towards them, but they had not yet sat down in 'our pew.'

Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Proverbs 27:1


  1. oohh..so sorry to hear about his....I hope no one was hurt. The verse you shared is so true. This is a powerful testimony of God's protection. It made me paused and think deeply...

    Hugs to the children....stay safe.

  2. Thank you Ruth, no one was hurt, Praise God. Even the driver is doing O.K., though emotionally he is devastated.


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