June 10, 2010


Our neighbors host an adorable "Tea~n~Ride" several weekends in the Summer. We get to help! I play hostess serving tea and welcoming the guests, and the children run to and fro doing little errands. As you can see, there is lots more fun than helping going on.

Naomi - becoming Princess "Rose"

The "Beauty" Parlour

Sophia admiring her butterfly mask
Princess Butterfly getting a ride on Sunny
Princess Rose on little Kokomo.

I was in charge of "Sunny" most of the day. Here, Noah gets ready for a ride.

My knight in shining armour

A beautiful Tea Table

My little princesses


  1. Oh, this must be a lovely day for all of you. I love everything in this post. What a lovely time to tea. And that table! So inviting.

    Blessings to Santos family.

  2. Thank you Ruth~ If only we could share these times with your little girls too. Praying for you dear lady.

  3. Oh, What fun!!! Tea parties are sooooo wonderful ;)

  4. God knows your heart and the things that delight you sister. This tea and ride thing, the princesses, the knight, the ambiance, is so you.... What a treat you have in your friends and this day spent with them. I love the last picture of the girls walking through the gate. Now, if only YOU had a princess dress too!!! And a face painted... Let's see who would you be? Queen daisy??? Queen tulip?

  5. Mrs. Santos,

    The Tea-n-Ride looks like fun. Also, your girls look cute dressed-up in their princess outfits. :) Take care.

    ~Mrs. Lady Sofia~

  6. I love these pictures!!! I will be sure not to miss the next one, my kids will have so much fun! Looking forward to the one in July!

    ~Sarah Groothuis.

  7. Hi Mrs. LS! Hugs to you...and Sarah, the girls will love it to know someone at the next event. See you soon.


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