June 04, 2010

Bible Bee

It's only been two days and we feel overwhelmed, but there WILL be some great fruit that comes from this HARD thing we are doing. Besides, if it wasn't hard we might get smug and proud...and God gives GRACE to the humble.

Pray for us. Pray for Sophia.

She has to memorize 250 verses and know and understand the book of Colossians well enough to take a 300 question test on it.
God's Word does not return void and we are already being changed by it's power.
(five verses a day ~ 10 down, 240 to go)


  1. Ooooh WOW!!! That is WoNdErFuL... we will be praying for her :)

  2. Thank you Tarra for your prayers...seems any time the focus is on God's truth there is a battle to fight.


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