May 26, 2010

Speaking of Distractions...

Aren't these cute?

I think this would be pretty in a tan or brown. I don't do green very well.


  1. Those. Are. Adorable!!! I reeealy like the style and color of the last one!! Are you going to be making some dresses??


  2. Stay away from tan and brown!!!! Green wouldlook great on you, or a pretty teal blue, or purple, or pink. Just NO tan or brown. You have enough brown in your life.

  3. I would love to make a dress, but the getting out, putting back, getting out, putting back of the sewing machine, makes it a little difficult. I like the pink one best too!

    Cher~ can I wear a brown cardigan with the green...maybe a brown with little green and pink flowers embroidered on the collar or sleeves? I LOVE brown.

  4. I love brown too. Beats black any day and it lasts forever, plus doesn't look faded so quickly (and by quickly I mean years since I NEVER buy myself clothes).

    You'd look pretty in anything - but I like the first one the mostest.



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