April 14, 2010

Work and Hospitality

Remember when I told you about the Wicker set I bought for $15.00? Well, it needed a little work. They were coming unraveled, the paint was peeling and each piece was a bit wobbly. I had this idea that once I finished getting them ready I could invite some friends over, but then I thought, "why wait?" So, I called over a family we hadn't seen for a while, rummaged through the fridge for some food to share, and gathered all my tools and paint. The children played and ate and the mothers talked and worked. It turned out to be a lovely and productive day.

This is the settee - soon to be painted.

Here is one chair and the coffee table

Amy and I getting to work on scraping, wrapping and painting.

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. Ecc 4:9


There are three more pieces to wrap and paint...but I am happy to have gotten started. I probably would have finished the chair only, since my friend, Amy, did the table.
Do you have a project you want to finish at home? Why not invite a friend over, serve up something yummy and work together. You will get more done and have a great time.
I have some pretty striped fabric to make pillows out of for the rest of the furniture. Wanna come over for some cake and lemonade? You can pin the seams and I'll sew them up! (smiles)


  1. The chair and table look GREAT! I love the color. It reminds me of your old dining room. I wish I had the ambition to do something like this - and was able to actually see the product of something I worked on. I'll have to think about that.

    Nice tulips too.

    Love you,

  2. Laura, it looks great. Last spring I painted my outdoor furniture with a pal and it made it that more enjoyable. I have a childs sized wicker chair that I painted red last summer that you may have if ya want. :o)

  3. that red chair is my dream come true!

    ps. I'm also a Santos.

  4. Hi Lisa~ Thank you for your comment. I bet if you asked a friend to help with whatever project is on your mind you would be able to see it through. That's the only way I am able to see things through...HELP ME!

    Hi Nancy~ I would love that child sized chair. Thank you so much. We need to get together for a visit!

    Hello Demaris~ Thank you so much for visiting the Times. I'm glad you like the chair. It's my dream come true too...bet we like a lot of the same things. Have a wonderful day Santos gal.


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