March 07, 2010

It's all Naomi's fault

The other night Naomi built two small beds with the dining room chairs. She put the piano bench in the middle and decorated her 'night stand' with a lamp and books and all sorts of doodads and hoo haws. She even slept the night on one of them.

Naomi is always 'redoing' her room with little changes. I have encouraged her to be thankful for what she has, but we also have fun looking at other beds. One of our favorite things is to borrow decorating books from the library and admire the different rooms.

But bedrooms are our favorites.

This is a beautiful bedroom I once stayed in at the Elderberry House. (a gift many years ago) It was luxurious and beautiful. Behind that wooden door is a large bathroom with a whirlpool tub and across from the bed is a private balcony overlooking a lush garden. AAHH...maybe someday if I am ever a millionaire, I might be able to stay there again.

The rest of the pictures are some of the favorites of us Santos Girls...Which one is your favorite?


  1. This is Sophia, not my mom.

    My favorite is the one with the gold headboard and all the hats hanging above the bed. I love the chandelier too. I like the pink one too and the room where mommy stayed. I would like to see the elderberry house someday. Maybe I can work there.

  2. We love them all!!!! Super clean and organized. The one with bunk beds looks fun.

    Morales girls

  3. i love the bunk beds built into the wall, for a kids room... but that very last one just sings to ME.

  4. OH HOW FUN!
    I LOVE the first one!
    AND the white bed with the pale wooden blue door and ceiling...those bunk beds are SUPER cool and the last one is soooo pretty too!!!!!

  5. My personal favorite is the one with the cowboy boots under the bench...not really the boots...but the color red and the low ceiling...looks cozy.


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