March 23, 2010


For the one principle of hell is: "I am my own. I am my own king and my
own subject. I am the centre from which go out my thoughts. I am the object and end of my thoughts. My thoughts return back upon me as the alpha and omega of life. My own glory is, and ought to be, my chief care. My ambition is to gather the regards of men to the one centre, myself. My pleasure is my pleasure. My
kingdom is comprised of as many as I can bring to acknowledge my greatness over
them. My judgement is the faultless rule of things. It is my right to have what I desire. The more I am all in all to myself, the greater I am. The less I acknowledge debt or obligation to another, the more I close my eyes to the fact that I did not make myself. The more self-sufficing I feel or imagine myself - the greater I am. I will be free with the freedom that consists in doing whatever I am inclined to do, from wherever my come the inclination. To do my own will so long as I feel anything to be my will, is to be free, is to live."

George MacDonald, Kingship, The Truth in Jesus.

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