March 31, 2010

Simple Joys


~Toast and Eggs~

On a pretty plate lay a piece of wheat toast with just a smidge of butter. Cover the the bread with thin slices of avocado. Next comes a perfectly fried egg with salsa and feta cheese sprinkled on top. Garnish with sliced oranges and VOILA...a quick-n-yummy lunch...A favorite around the Santos Times.

If you are like Mr. Santos, you will eliminate the toast and serve with corn tortillas and jalapenos.


We had a mama deer and her two fawn visit us today. For breakfast they had new leaves just sprouting on the front blackberry bushes. When Mr. Santos left for school, they easily jumped over all those sharp thorns and hid in the woods.

At lunch time they returned to eat the new leaves off the bushes in the back. I hope they don't get a hunger for my BEEEUUUtiful tulips that are coming up. Red tulips and white it too late to get some clematis to start climbing and growing?


Last week we celebrated our Naomi Baloney's birthday. She is now seven years old. I miss her. She still rolls herself in a ball and tries to find a sunny spot to curl up in on a cold morning. It's cute how she can get her whole body wrapped up in her night shirt. One day I was moving from stove to sink to fridge with a baby wrapped around my ankle. Today I have a seven year old girl with pigtails and missing teeth who climbs trees and has to be coerced to wear a dress...A seven year old punkin pie with a contagious laugh.

I made her a two layer heart shaped cake - with banana flavored frosting (I didn't care for it, but the kids loved it). We decorated it with strawberries and bananas. Her morning pancakes looked like a flower with orange wedges for petals and raisins for a happy face. She received a balloon and a roll of lifesavers. She wanted to go to the zoo, but considering the lean times we are facing, we made a happy day of it at the pound instead. We looked at all the cats and dogs and the three Santos kids played with the puppies that were up for adoption. Later we shared fries, and root beer floats at the pier. It was a bright sunshiny day and the water was a deep blue.

Naomi was so thankful for this simple celebration - happy with her lifesavers, bouncing her balloon. It was a double blessing for her to come home to presents that were sent from out of town family...clothes and toys and lots of candy.


Tomorrow is my Sophia Lou's birthday. She will be nine. NINE. Sigh. Where does the time go? She wants enchiladas for lunch and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She will have a fancy fairy crown to wear and her own roll of lifesavers too. We'll see what other special surprises we can come up with.

Has the Santos Times really been this blessed? Nine years with our Sophia? Creative, Determined, Hard working, Compassionate, Strong willed, Sensitive, Beautiful Sophia.

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