March 05, 2010

Back at the Farm

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Aren't these such SUNNY flowers? I never really appreciated them before...I'm more of a tulip fan, but now I think they are so lovely...especially with a bright blue sky, some happy honey bees buzzing about, and warm sunshine.

The Santos Clan is back to spending our days at the farm. This time around, we are selling U-Pick Daffodils. We only planted 5000 bulbs, so our farm is small, but it is still fun to walk through the rows of flowers.
Near the field, we have a fun place set up to paint rocks and pictures. Then, inside the shop, there is pretty yellow ribbon to wrap around the flowers and colorful candies and lollipops in old fashioned glass jars.
I can't think of a more wonderful way to help support the family.
The girls ran around the farm like they hadn't been outside forever. At the end of the day they were brown and dusty from playing "Kestinopia" (I have no idea where they came up with the name) It's a make-believe land of adventure that they throw themselves into with every speck of their imagination...and they never tire of it.
Noah, on the other hand does tire of it. Maybe because he needs a boy to play with. He often left the game to come and get a sandwich or beg for a gum drop from the shop.
As the afternoon wore on he got very tired. We went out to the van. The back seat was removed so the kids could lie down for a nap. He rested with a sandwich while I told him stories of brave Bible heroes...David and Goliath, Gideon, Joshua. Such a yummy time...peanut butter sandwiches, warm sunshine on a cool day, and a sweet boy asking for another story.
I'm so thankful for these days when my children can run free and happy and my young boy enjoys his momma. We are truly blessed.


  1. That sounds dreamy! I love daffodils :)♥

  2. I Love Flowers, especially daffodils!!!! :) Can't wait to drop by and get some. I bet the farm looks absolutely divine ;)

    Love you....

  3. At first I thought those pictures were from the farm you are working on. Wow. I love daffodils too. We have some sort of daffodil day around here to support some cause I have no idea about but those yellow beauties remind me of spring and Easter too. Miss you and I feel blessed when you are. So glad you had a happy day.

  4. The cause is The American Cancer Society. I headed up the Daffodil Days this year in my office in honor of Auntie Nina. Last year the office raised $500, and our goal this year I set for $600, but we raised more then $750. Our daffodils will be delivered on March 23 (unless folks bought it as a gift of hope - then they get delivered to cancer patients around the state), but I doubt they will be anywhere as pretty as the ones from your farm.

    Love you.

  5. Hi everybody ~ didn't sell many flowers this weekend, but we did have a good time. We ended up taking some to a local rest home so that someone could enjoy them. If we lived on the farm, we would just leave them...but it seems a shame that there they are blooming and only the birds and coyotes get to enjoy them...Too bad all of you are too far right now for a visit. I'd invite you over for a winslows are invited, if you make it home before they all wither and die.

    Love and blessings to all,


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