February 04, 2010

A Valentine's Day Gift


All my munchkins will get this for Valentine's day, 2010. In their room is a low bookshelf with a lamp on top. It is the perfect space for three little mailboxes. I picked up some cute canisters at the thrift store - each one different. Won't it be fun to use their canister all year to share love notes? I love this idea. What are you doing for your family this Valentine's day?


  1. I think that looks like a really fun/ cute idea for Valentine's Day!!

    We just usually make lots of fun Valentine Desserts together; do card exchanges and other fun stuff like that :)


  2. Hi Tarra: Valentine Desserts sounds fun and yummy! I usually always get the children a mylar balloon too.

    Oh, we hope Mr. Winslow is doing better too...praying for you all.

    Mrs. Santos

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers, Mrs. Santos!!
    I Love you,


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