February 25, 2010

The children were sorting and counting the money jar this morning. Naomi (age 6) exclaimed, "Oh my Gosh! This penny was made in the 1900's!"
I think I feel a little old, today. (lol)


  1. What a precioushead. I love you naomi!

  2. Hi Ana~ How do you put that cute little heart at the end of your comments? I hope someday you share what your baby girl says as she is probably learning to talk right now. Love to you...

    Hi Lisa~ Naomi says she loves you too...I just cut her hair. No more braids as it is a short curly bob now.

  3. LOL! I share your sentiments. My 15-year-old recently asked, "Is that a movie from the late 1900's?"

  4. Kelly! Wow. Thanks for visiting. I'm so happy to see a comment from you. You are always such an encouragement to me.


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