January 21, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new

Lately, part of the Santos clan has been looking like a bunch of orphans. Dresser drawers were bulging and the closet was full, yet the children never had anything to wear and came out of their rooms in the morning looking so frumpy and messy. I figured it was time to do inventory and clean out some junk. Guess, the new year is as good a time as ever.

We had a limited budget, but God could do anything. We prayed for wisdom and set off in faith, knowing that "My God shall supply all my needs."

It wasn't until 4:00 in the afternoon that we began our shopping excursion. The sky was dark already, but at least the house was clean and Mr. Santos' 'list' was checked off.

Our first stop was Goodwill. Clean, neat and high quality was our goal. We found a few things and then headed to the mall. The only good thing we found at the mall was that there were no crowds on a Wednesday evening. Why is it that all the clothing out there has to look like a t-shirt? Where are the collared shirts or clothes without cheap looking logos all over them? I couldn't even find a sweater thicker than some slippery synthetic thread. Tight and ill-fitting was all that was for sale.

With dismay, I thought, "If only I could knit or sew with any skill." We were about to head home with nothing, but the Lord was SO good to us.

At the clearance rack at JC Penny we found four dresses for the girls. Cap sleeves, collars, bows, below the knee ~ simple, clean and neat ~AAHH, just what I was looking for. We bought a red dress, a lavender plaid and then two little tailored suits. Everything was 70% off of the clearance price. How wonderful! The girls love them and I do too.

When we got home it was time for the real work to begin. We made piles of tops and bottoms. Anything threadbare, stained or ripped went into a pile. Anything that hadn't been worn for a couple months went into the same pile. Unmatched socks and worn out underwear topped the pile like a little snowcap. The children and I worked into the night organizing, tossing and cleaning out the closet. Finally, at eleven o'clock, I tucked three tired munchkins into their warm beds, kissed their sleepy heads and turned out the lights.

The closet was clean. The drawers were organized neatly with everything in its place. Not an unmatched sock in sight. We even knew where the belts were.

New underwear, new clothes. What a wonderful blessing. What a relief.

This morning, the children woke up and got ready in record time...WOW. Who knew a little organization could make a morning run so smoothly? I LOVE new beginnings.

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