December 17, 2009

Keeping up on our Homeschool

This is one of my favorite school books. It always serves to get our hearts and minds on the "Right" things for the day. This is how we used it today.
First, we read the story about the author of the hymn "This is my Father's world." It is so good for the children to read happy biographies about men and women who LOVE the Lord. There are so many people in our culture praised for their own looks or accomplishments. These biographies encourage devotion to God and a Godly lifestyle. Then we listened to the hymn and sang it. We also read a devotional about the different things God created. This was fun because it led right into our next activity.
Secondly, the children each took a turn to tell us all about three things that God created - being sure to mention the color, size, smell much detail as they could. There was a little bit of competition as they tried to come up with something different and more unique than their siblings. I thought this was O.K. because it gave glory to the creativity of our God. We kept a little list going every time something different was mentioned...for instance all the colors God used in making fruits.
Then, we memorized the verse that was included in the book and made it into a little song.
Tonight we are going to buy one of each apple that is sold in the grocery store. Our nephew, Beris, who is an apple farmer, is staying with us a few weeks. We are going to do a taste test (to God's glory) and also a little quiz for Beris to see if he 'knows his stuff'.
Here's a link to the wonderful hymn: This is my Father's World.


  1. Oh these activities sound SO wonderful! We just might have to have an apple tasting event of our own...minus the relative expert in the house, of course, LOL.
    Thanks for the HYMN!

  2. You're welcome Judy ~ our favorite is the Fuji apple - but nothing tastes better with caramel than the Green Granny Smith :)


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