December 07, 2009


So the low tonight is 18 degrees...the high tomorrow...a whopping 30 degrees. No snow - yet. Clear skies and frozen toes and fingers. We could hardly warm ourselves today and all for the sale of one tree. A man and his son came by the farm. They cut down their tree and were gone all in about ten minutes...WOW...Probably because they were freezing. Some good friends came to visit breaking up the cold monotony of the day. We drank peppermint tea and chatted with icy toes around the wood stove that was never hot enough for me.

The children memorized their Christmas verses. I organized my purse. We ate chicken soup that I warmed in the crock pot for lunch, and other than that, we were COLD. I have been home for almost two hours now and I still have not removed my coat...Should I go to the farm tomorrow? NAH! Mr. Santos has tomorrow off of school...maybe he wouldn't mind going to the farm alone? We'll see.

I shouldn't complain. Here are some highlights of our December life:

Free Spice Drops for the Shopkeeper

A walk across the farm every morning.

My little Noah man bringing in the wreaths.

The littles doing their school work.

Naomi Baloney putting the reader board letters away - and learning how to alphabetize at the same time

Wreaths actually selling (smiles)

Pony rides and good friends


  1. Your kids will have great memories of this time at the tree farm the entire lifetimes. What great times!

  2. Mrs. Santos,

    It sounds like you have been having some interesting times at the farm. I am sorry it's SO cold. :( Are you sure you are okay though? Sometimes, I don't think you are very happy working at the farm, although you are trying hard not to complain. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Mrs. Lady Sofia

  3. Hi Nanc~ I know, they will always remember these days and I am so thankful for the good times they are having. Thank you for that reminder.

    Mrs. Lady Sofia~ Can't get by you! Today a friend gave us a heater and I also took the day off...I really needed it. I made cookies and pumpkin bread and a big pot of chili - and I washed, folded and PUT AWAY all of the laundry... then spent the evening with some ladies from church...I feel so refreshed and renewed. I don't know how some women work outside of the home and care for a family too. It is exhausting. But really, even though it is hard...Hard things are good - they stretch you and create memories and cause you to lean on and learn more from the Lord...which is what life is all about. Love to you



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