December 20, 2009

Christmas Recital


  1. Noah, Naomi, and Sophia - you are SOOOOOO beautiful up there. I LOVED your singing so much. Noah, you look so big up there and grown up in your red vest. Girls - you looked so pretty in your dresses and bows. Naomi - your hair is so long now.

    I miss you guys. I wish I could have been there in person. I would have been the loudest one cheering and clapping. I love you very much.

  2. Hey Auntie Lisa ~ We haven't heard from you in so long. Thank you for your loving comments. We wish you could have been here too. Technology is so awesome though...that we can share with you so quickly our event...Internet is amazing, huh? Hope you are feeling better too.

  3. I'm feeling great - but missing all my neices and nephews and family this Christmas. Missing the days when we would get together at auntie nina's and be up til midnight and sing melikalikimaka...

    Love you guys mucho. Internet is great - but I rely on it too much - should visit in person more.

  4. Mrs. Santos, you are the mother of 3 lovely children, I love this video they are all so beautiful in their clothes and their cute little voices are so sweet...WOW really beautiful! You must be a proud mama!

  5. Sophia, Nene, and Noah, I am very proud of you! You had so much to memorize and you are great performers! Merry Christmas. I love you!!!

  6. Mrs. Santos,

    What a lovely recital, and your children are truly lovely! :) Did you make those dresses for the girls? I enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing your blessings. :)

  7. I didn't know there was an angel of the Lord named "LO". :D

  8. Cher- The kids got a real kick out of your joke...LOL

    Thank you Ana and Mrs. Lady Sofia for your kind comments. I was especially proud of them this year because they memorized all their "stuff" even with all the work on the farm this year.

    No, I did not make the dresses - they were a gift and while they were fun and pretty to wear, they leave a trail of GLITTER everywhere. We even had glitter in our ears!

    Also - just to keep it real - we did have a small meltdown over the bows before going to church...but what would a recital be without a small meltdown over clothes and hair? Before recital: I WILL NOT wear a bow in my hair! (oh yes you will says mom) After recital: Mom, can I wear a bow in my hair tomorrow too? CHILDREN!

  9. Hi, Santos Family,
    You were so great that I had to sit and watch and hear your grandma cry through the whole deal. I don't know what to do about her....anyway, we love you more than we can say, and you did a fantastic job with the recital, and we are so proud of you! Hope to see you in the spring, we will buy some daffodils from your farm.
    Grandpa Atkins

  10. Dear Noah, Naomi, and Sophia, My heart wells up with love and affection for you when you send me these videos, cards and phone calls. WOW, what a lovely performance and the best source, God's Holy Word....can't get better than that. This is the best of Christmas, sharing God's Word to all of us, and in awe and wonder, worshipping Him, being amazed at His great gift of LOVE, TRUTH, LIFE, in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior! May we celebrate Christ Jesus every day, all year long, even forever, Grandma Atkins


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