November 09, 2009

A quick holiday

My Mom and my Don came up to spend a week with us. They reserved a week at one of their timeshares - just forty minutes from our home in Discovery Bay. We had a beautiful and peaceful visit. Driving up to their condominium unit, Noah said, "Mom, I thought California was a lot farther away." (smiles)
This is the view from our deck in the morning. It would have been so nice to eat breakfast out there, but it was raining and cold. Guess we will have to go back again, lol. We still enjoyed the view, though.

The calm after the storm. See the lone fisherman on the dock? It was so quiet when I took this picture. The only sound was a few chirping birds. The day before the wind roared loudly.

We spent the one stormy day watching some divers. We watched the whole process as they put on their gear. It took about 45 minutes to get all that stuff on. And then they were gone...under the deep.

They came back an hour later with a big bag of crabs and a giant starfish.

We felt we had to get a little taste of the storm too. This picture doesn't really show how the wind is blowing hard, but it was. There was a little boat hitched to the dock behind the children and the wind tore off it's roof as if it was irritated by the looks of it. I guess it was a little irritating, such a flimsy floppy roof it was.

The quiet warm glow of the fire back at 'home'.

Naomi and Mr. Santos having fun in the *indoor heated pool* while the cold rain fell outside.

It was Great Fun!

The girls were SO excited to have their own beds - it was like living in "a castle" they said. Plus, they had their own view of the moon shining on the water each night.
Thank you Mom and Don for giving us your love and time. We miss you so much! and had a great time.


  1. That's so dreamy... we really need some time out :) que lindos que disfrutanron!

  2. Dear Laura, Luis, and Sophia, Naomi, and Noah! We had a great time at Discovery Bay! The Bay was more like a was great to see the divers come up with a big reddish starfish! I liked just hanging out with all of you, relaxing, watching movies, snacking, listening to the rain. Hope we can see each other again soon. Thank you for your gifts of love, time, laughter and yes, even tears! Mom & Don, Grandma and Grandpa to you children!

  3. SUCH FUN! So glad your family shared this special time!


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