November 29, 2009

The Gift Shop

Well, The Santos Family U-Pick Farm is officially open. We opened the day after Thanksgiving and it has been nothing I expected. So many new experiences and thoughts to share...but for now, here is the transformation of the shop.

The shop BEFORE we decorated for the season.

The Beginnings of a transformation starts with Christmas Candy!

The back wall with candy to sell. Button Candy, Candy Sticks, Spice Drops and Twirly Pops.
There are now Collector Dolls on the top shelf above the candy.

Jewelry, Handmade Cards and wallets, Crocheted Hats and Battery Operated Candles (which so far have been a huge hit)

Body Balance and Good News stuff - some Bibles and tracts.

Here's the rocker I sit in when I have a chance, if I have a chance.

Ornaments and Toys.

Handmade aprons, soaps, ornaments, jams and jellies.
The inventory is already changing here and there with lots of shuffling around. For such a tiny place, I am constantly moving and working, organizing and cleaning. The children are helpful. We try to keep the fire going and the music playing when people come in. Sometimes it feels like "playing store" and other times it is so much work I just want to go home...
Mr. Santos has been working hard selling trees to wholesalers and getting the property looking good. He has also picked up the slack on the wreath making...YEAH! His wreaths are perfect of course. We'll keep you posted as the season continues.
Yesterday, we had a lull in business and I sat down in the rocker by the fire. The children pulled up their stools and we read some stories from the Bible. It was so nice. The story was about Elisha and God's great protection. I have really had to be DILIGENT to find - no - to MAKE time to meditate on God's Word. It's easy, when you are in the middle of a thousand things to forget...but we mustn't. Take time to remember, to spend time with your creator today.


  1. Mrs. Santos,

    Wow! You and your family sure have worked hard to turn that once bare-looking store into a nice show place! =D Everything looks SO lovely, homey, and welcoming. I hope your store business is doing well.

    BTW, you'll need to show us some pictures of the wreaths that Mr. Santos has made.

    Anyway, you sure have been one busy woman. =D I wish I could buy something from your lovely store. Do you do Internet orders (tee hee)?


    Mrs. Lady Sofia

    P.S. I sent you an email recently. Did you receive it?

  2. YES, I did get your e-mail...did you get mine? I like your flower. Did you grow that?

    The shop does look good, doesn't it? It's because I have such wonderful friends. A group of beautiful ladies came and helped me put it all together. I never could have done it without them.

  3. Wow. It does look cozy and sweet. Where do you do business? I want to see more pictures. Love you and very proud of you and your family.

  4. Hi Cheri: I'll post all the pics on facebook when I have some time. We do "business" in front of the candy...the counter is right in front.

    Love you,

  5. The gift shop is adorable Laura, you have a knack! Merry Christmas, Kacee

  6. Hi Kacee:

    I don't know where my comment went - but I DID reply to you a while ago - Anyways, thanks for your comments and I hope I am on your list for your annual Christmas letter - missing you and Jas tons.


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