October 24, 2009

New Mercies every day

Greg Gawlowski - allposters.com

Today is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day! It has been gray and wet for a while now, but today the sun is shining. The bright rays shining through the browning yellow leaves is so nice to look at. The apartment is warm and cozy and spic-n-span. The children are working at the tree-farm with Mr. Santos. I stayed home, cleaned the house and piddled here and there enjoying the quiet.


The phone rings and startles me.


"Hi Mom. It's me, Sophia."

"Hi babe."

"I miss you."

I smile. "I miss you too."

"We're coming home for lunch."

"K. See ya soon."

Like a tornado gust - three wild and happy children come traipsing through the house. I yell, "Hey! I just vacuumed! Keep your boots outside!" The husband lumbers in a few minutes later. He had to stop off at the shed first. "Well. Where's lunch?" he asks.

I quickly set the table with our blue and white china then served thick slices of fried ham and warm soupy beans topped with feta cheese and red onions. Mr. Santos had his customary jalapeno and corn tortillas. In the middle of the table was a big bowl of hot french fries for everyone to dig into. I seasoned the fries with garlic, cayenne and parmesan cheese. We enjoyed them dipped in ranch dressing.
We washed it all down with Kombucha and hot coffee.
Sophia started a conversation on how she is giving up her endless finger signing for snapping. Naomi said, "What if I become blind, Sophia? Who will talk to me in sign language?" She got mad when we all laughed, poor thing.
Mr. Santos took one last swig of his coffee, poured the rest in his to-go cup and shoved his chair from the table. "Let's Go! We have to paint that wreath-making machine!" Everyone ran to the door, cramming on their boots as fast as they could, and yelling with mouths still full of fries, "Bye, Mom! We love you mom!"

So, here I sit. The table full of empty dirty dishes, the entry way littered with mud and grass, the house very still and quiet. What a BEAUTIFUL day!


This is a mini-advertisement. I wish I could get paid for it, like I do with Lifeforce - even so - I just HAVE to tell you about the Kombucha we drink. First of all, it is a luxury. We only buy it when it is on sale. It is usually almost $4.00 a bottle - RiDICulous! - but recently, they were on sale for $1.50 a bottle, so I bought a bunch. Someday, I will make my own, but for now we enjoy Synergy. It comes in all kinds of flavors. My children and I usually split one bottle. We each get a full tea cup's worth. It's great for digestion and boosting your immune system. Kombucha is an acquired taste - a little like vinegar - but the Synergy brand adds fruit juice to it to make it more palatable. During the Fall and Winter, it is harder to eat raw - maybe this will help you.


  1. I love this post because it makes me feel like I spent the day with you. The ham and beans made me hungy. I could smell how good they were.
    Love you. Lisa

  2. Love you too. Why don't you come and spend some days with us? Thanksgiving? Christmas? New Years?


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