September 21, 2009

September Fun

We've had some "End of the summer fun" over here at the Santos Times this past month. It has kept us busy and happy.

Mr. Santos and his son spend some time together on a Father/Son Retreat.

A beautiful reward after a 3 mile hike - way to go guys!

Holding up a cave. I think you can click on the pic for a close-up.

The Santos Men. Aren't they strong and handsome?

Don't leave me brother! I will miss you so much! (you'd never know from this picture how these two best friends can fight)


Another "Spontaneous Santos Expedition". These little adventures usually wear me out. First, because they are completely 'out of the blue', and I am not able to prepare the way I would like. Second, it most likely requires some sort of "roughing it." Ah, but the kids love these things and it puts such a spark in Mr. Santos to just get up and go. Besides, how else can we enjoy banana milkshakes on the road, a cozy night camping in a tent, and a night sky full of innumerable stars?

The view from a bridge over "Crooked River"

Walking on the moon. Actually, it is the lava flow from a volcano that erupted in Oregon. We drove to the top and had quite a view.

Fort Rock, Oregon. Thousands and thousands of empty acres in the Oregon Outback.

Mount Hood. Most of the trip was in the car. We drove six hours to get "there" camped out and then drove back. So that road you see there was included for a reason.
Nothing puts a smile on the face of Mr. Santos like the expression "On the road again!"


A SHORT but WONDERFUL visit from my sister and her beautiful family. They arrived on Sunday afternoon and left this morning. What a blessing it was to visit with them. How is it that family can fill up so many places in your heart and leave them so empty at the same time?

The men.

The Ladies

My dear sister Cheri and me.

The Santos clan with cousin Mo.

Eating up my favorite nephew. Come back Mo!


  1. I loved this post - especially the picture of the four kids and the one of you and Cheri. Can you please please email them to me? Noah and Luis's trip looked great. You have much more stamina then I do. I would never drive six hours to spend one night in a tent - but I bet I miss out on some great sights by not doing those things.

    Love you all.

  2. Oh what a BEAUTIFUL family!
    Thank you so much for sharing these photos with us!
    So glad you have had such wonderful relaxation and adventures out in God's big, bright world!

  3. Lisa - I emailed the pictures. My stamina isn't all that great. I went to sleep in the tent while the kids roasted marshmallows, I was so tired. PLUS, Mr. Santos had to take us out for dinner because I didn't want to roast anything over a fire and do all the clean-up. That was our compromise ;)

    Judy: Thank you for your kind comments - have to say your family is also BEAUTIFUL! :)


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