September 10, 2009

Morning Dew and a Boy in his boots

He's a morning person. His routine is to run around the house five or six times right when he gets up...unless he wants to go out with his bow and arrow. The air is crisp and the sunlight shines through all the spiders webs in the trees.

The grass is bright with the morning sun shimmering off the dew. Do you see the dark trail blazed through by the little boy in his boots?

He's so cute out there in the yard - so independent and yummy - I could just eat him up.

A dewy, shadowy, morning shot of my Noah - unbrushed teeth, still in his pajamas, happy to be out in the morning.
~ Our favorite "Noah-isms" ~
Mom! I just SOLL the best car!
I did not eat the last cookie. I did not.


  1. I love you Noah!!!

  2. Your Noah is a big boy! You seem so proud of him. I am so glad we both have a boy... they are very special.

  3. What a beautiful post about a beautiful boy!!!

  4. Mrs. Santos,

    Your Noah is such a "little man." I am sure you are proud of him (smiles).


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