September 09, 2009

Being Feminine

This painting is called "Summer Love". Did you ever play outside in a dress? When I was young I wore "play clothes" which was always a pair of jeans or shorts. My girls and I have been attempting to dress more "feminine". We rarely wear pants anymore - just personal style. I am more comfortable in a dress or skirt and I feel more apt to "act like a lady" when I am dressed like one.

Our own "Summer Love"

Two little Ladies - (Naomi's face looks a little painful, huh?) Probably because she was waiting for me to take the picture so that she and her sister could swing like monkeys on this adorable park swing and NOT act like ladies. They are wearing their new dresses that Grandma made for them. We call them their "Sound of Music" dresses because they are made out of the material from my old curtains. :)

I don't think I can go too overboard indoctrinating my girls on how to act like a lady. Every time I turn around they are climbing up a tree or playing cowboys or spy games with their brother, Noah. "Maid Marion" shooting her arrows.

Playing at the beach in a feminine little skirt and tee.
What is the quote? Life imitates art? or is it Art imitates life?
Whatever the case, this painting "Evening Promenade" was the inspiration for the photo below.

" Promenade on the beach"

More feminine inspiration (smiles)

Sophia lou

Ha ha :) - Sophia took this picture of me.


  1. How nice. :D. Big smiles to my beautiful sister and nieces. Love you guys.

  2. I think you all are pretty and feminine in anything you wear - whether it's skirts, or shorts, or pants, or burlap sacks.

    I love that you call the dresses "Sounds of Music" Dresses.

  3. What a fun post! Your girls are *lovely and you have a beautiful family. (o:

    I wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my blog today and for the author recommendation, I'll have to check it out. (o:


  4. What a wonderful post! Just beautiful!


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