August 19, 2009

That Naomi Baloney

Answering the phone for the first time: "Hello, Santos presidents."
After the phone call: "Mom, do you think she reckulized my voice?"
The middle of a beautiful sunny day: "Momma, I'm scared. Will you hold me?"
"What are you scared for?" I asked.
"You and Gramma keep talking about blind people walking around leading other blind people. Hold me momma, I'm scared."


  1. She is so precious. I totally recognized her voice. :-). Really missing you guys lately. love you.

  2. Mrs. Santos,

    This is TOO cute (smiles). How old is Naomi?

  3. Mrs. Lady Sofia~

    Naomi is six years old. They grow up so fast and I rarely hear these funny things anymore - that's why I've been trying to post them so I don't forget.

    Hi Auntie Lisa~

    Hope you had a good birthday! We missed you.

  4. Simply adorable!

    Have the letters arrived yet?

  5. Hi Judy:

    Yes! they came today - Sophia already started her replies. :)

  6. what's up? Waiting for the next blog.....sure is taking a long time :-)


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