August 02, 2009

Enjoying life

Sorry about the infrequent posts lately. The Santos Times have been busy times. Nothing exciting - just life. Relationships take time. Homework takes time. Broken cars and cameras and computers take time. Eating popsicles and fighting over the seat directly in front of the fan takes time. So you can see that we have truly been busy here in the Santos Household.

Not to mention the continuing saga of....

Our TAX AUDIT! This has taken up a chunk of our mental energy. I can barely say my name after dealing with all the goobly goop and mumbo jumbo with this mess. But, praise God, we are working our way through it. The IRS is still insisting we give them all our money, an arm, a leg, and a few organs - and we are still insisting that we do not owe them anything. So far so good. I think the final round in this battle is here. Only a few more weeks and we will see who comes out on top. Either way, the Lord provides. Should we unjustly have to pay this BOGUS debt, we will do it to the glory of God. Please pray for us.

I wanted to share with you some beautiful artwork that I have come across. I just love these paintings and could stare at them forever.
This one is by Eugene de Blaas. I love the colors and the details. If you click on the picture you may be able to see it more closely. Look at the floor, the way he painted the bricks, and the walls. Doesn't it seem like you can just reach out and touch them? Or pick up that little pink baby?

This is another by Eugene de Blaas. I really like the lazy feel from this painting. Wonder what the net menders are talking about as they listen to the gentle picking of the guitar in the background. Notice the brick in the wall and the detail of the rolled up net. And the clothes, I love looking at women's clothing. All the women pictured here are completely covered - and yet they seem so attractive and feminine - and hard working too.

This is Hans Gude. (1825-1903) I am so thankful to have discovered his artwork. Look at that sky and the rock. I like to look at paintings and try to figure out the color combinations the artist might have used for certain parts - like the grey in the cloud shadow and the rock cliff - they are both grey, but how did the artist get the texture so different? Amazing.

Isn't this Hans Gude beautiful too? Look at it long enough and then you can take off your shoes, wade in the water and watch the clouds move in the sky. You can just imagine the spot of light on the water moving with the shifting clouds.
Anyways, hope your family times are good lately. There is always something to enjoy and be thankful for.


  1. I hope the tax audit comes out in your favor. Otherwise, why don't I just add it to the $ I owe? I'll be paying them for life anyway.

    The detail on the aprons of the first two pictures is amazing. You do a good job of describing why you like all of these - I think your writing is as good as their paintings..very talented. And you know I don't give praise easily...:-)

  2. Thank you Lisa for the praise. :) I'm glad you like the paintings too - We are going to make studying fine art a big part of school this year.

    I may take you up on that IRS offer too :)

  3. studying fine art? Arn't the kids a little young to be so bored out of their minds hahahaha. That's pretty cool. When do they start poetry?

  4. Auntie Lisa ~

    Here's two poems I wrote.


    Nobody knows where the green grass grows
    or where the birds fly high
    Nobody knows where the flowers bloom or where the eagles soar high


    A tree grows straight and strong and the roots go on and on and when it is finished there is a perfect tree.

    Age 8

  5. These paintings are BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks for sharing them with us:)
    Nectarines and popsicles sound delightful; tax audits do not...hope that all turns out in your favor Mrs. S!

  6. Oh MY! I just had to leave a second comment when I read the wonderful poetry of your niece! Sophia...keep writing! You are gifted!

  7. SOPHIA - Your poems are OUTSTANDING! I am so impressed with you. I think your mom is a great writer - you must have inherited her talent too. Thank you for sharing. Have you read any poetry too, or do you mostly write your own?

  8. Mrs. Santos,

    Hello there! I pray your tax audit will go smoothly. What a mess that must be, but I pray that the Lord will see you and your family through this "nightmare."

    The pictures are lovely! I think studying fine art with your children during the school year is an excellent idea. Can I "sit in" on a session (smiles)? Take care!


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