July 06, 2009

Parental Rights

So have you heard about the political unrest in Honduras? If you speak more than one language you can get a realistic idea of what is going on, not being limited to the U.S. newscasts. Basically, the president was making decisions that didn't line up with the constitution so the country decided to get rid of him. Imagine that. The world (U.N. and OEA) feels that this was completely inappropriate and together they wish to encourage, with force, the country of Honduras to take him back. Only a handful of countries are supporting Honduras and you can guarantee one of them is not the socialist government of the United States.

Mr. Santos is very attentive to all things political. He is also a fighter. Sometimes it's hard to know what and when and who we should be fighting. I tend to want to just let things be. What will happen is going to happen. We are on our way to a one world government and we can't do anything about it. Maybe it's a man thing, or maybe it's a latin thing, but it's not good for the ego of a man if the wife disagrees with his politics.

A few weeks ago we were stopped by a policeman for speeding. We didn't know we were being stopped. Mr. Santos pulled over just to let him pass but the officer ended up pulling in behind us.
"Do you know how fast you were going?" He asked.

"Yes. I was going 55 miles per hour."

"Actually, you were going 58."

"Well, I'm sorry about that, the speed limit is 55. Are you stopping us for going 3 miles over?"

"No, you were going 58 in a 45 mph zone."


"Yep, about a mile back or so we clocked you on our laser and you were going 58. That was a 45 zone."

Uh oh. I could feel a fight coming on. I couldn't see very well how I could help soothe this one, but at least the Santos' were in agreement.

Mr. Santos commented, "You didn't stop me in a 45 zone. You stopped me in a 55 zone. If I was speeding, which I was not, you should have pulled me over in the zone where I was speeding."

After much red faced arguing and handling of licenses and registrations, the Santos' were given a speeding ticket for going 55 (not 58) in a 45 mile zone a few miles back. Of course, we protested but haven't heard back yet.

I'll spare you the details of the three other bogus interactions we have had with our government recently:

*an unfair and drawn out tax audit,
*being pulled over and interrogated for "speeding" in stopped traffic (no ticket was issued - how one could be accused of going 63 mph when it was only possible to go one car length every two minutes is beyond me)
*having my ballot returned and not counted in the presidential election because my signature didn't match. Hm. I wonder how many other non-Obama voters had their ballots returned?

It is to the point that now when I see a police officer on the road, my stomach tightens in fear. Am I speeding? Do I have my seatbelt on? Kids, are you buckled properly? Stop picking your nose and sit up straight! There's a policeman behind us.


We bought some flowers the other day. With a coupon, I got six little plants for $1.00 each. Sophia, always the one to 'count how much money Momma has in her wallet', wanted to know why it cost $6.51 and not just $6.00.

"Well, Honey, any time you want to buy something you have to pay the government to buy it. Every time you sell something, you have to pay the government to sell it. And everytime someone pays you for your work, you have to pay the government for that too."

"Why, mom?"

Yeah, why? Well, that's not one of the battles I want to fight - maybe Mr. Santos does (along with the right to bear arms freedom of religion etc. etc.) - if so, we will all stand behind him. But right now I want to, I have to, fight for my kids. I choose not to send my kids to government controlled public school. I choose to fight for my right - my GOD GIVEN right - to parent my own children.

There may be a day that the people of the United States, like Honduras, may have to fight for freedom and independence. Is it a fight we should fight? I don't know, but for now, look at THIS with me...if you care at all about your children or even your neighbors children. Please sign this petition and let your voice be heard. Fight with me.

Be of good courage, and let us be strong for our people and for the cities of our God. And may the LORD do [what is] good in His sight." 1Ch 19:13


  1. I like this blog. And I like your passion for what you believe. I'll sign the petition, but where is it?


    PS - you know - I've talked my way out of 32 tickets and only gotten 4 out of the 36 times I've been pulled over. You might want to try playing the game once in a while - sure is cheaper.

  2. Lisa~
    You always could talk your way out of anything. :)

    Just click on the word THIS in the post and then click Join the fight - and then Join e-mail network. This will put your name on the petition. It doesn't mean you will be bombarded with e-mails...you can opt out of getting notifications from them. Thanks for your support.


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