June 20, 2009

Foxgloves and Birds Nests


The other day we were driving down the street and Sophia commented "Sure are a lot of foxgloves growing."

"Huh?" I said

"I SAID, there sure are a lot of foxgloves growing around here."

"What are foxgloves?" I asked.

All three of my children laughed. "Mom, they're flowers!"

How do these kids know so much? Later on in the week when we were picking berries, Sophia was identifying different plants. I just kept scratching my head, "really?" I would say. I wish I could say that I was the one imparting all this knowledge to them, but they seem to be learning so much on their own.

When I was young I don't remember going for walks - at least not for fun. We walked a lot but it was because we didn't have a car. I don't remember learning anything about nature and I know for sure I never ate anything off of a tree or bush until I was a mother picking blackberries with my children...and I did it tentatively.

Now there are these little scrappers around me pointing out flowers and herbs and berries and we are competing over who knows the name of them.

"Mom, betcha don't know what this one is."

"Yes, I do. I just have to look it up."

They laugh and revel in knowing stuff I don't know..."Hey, I'm still the mom!"

Goose eggs found on a hike near the river.

The mother goose.

Chickadee nest in our parking area.

Robin's nest found near the children's fort - we are keeping an eye on this one.


  1. The robins eggs have hatched - except Sophia now thinks the nest belongs to a thrush...we will see.

  2. What is a thrush?

  3. Beautiful pictures!
    Hope you'll visit our
    Backyard Glory nature blog some time:
    Yay for your smart kids knowing all of those flowers!!!


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