June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had planned to go camping for Father's Day weekend - but it rained. So we did some other things and what a full weekend it was! First, we went berry picking - Fourteen pounds worth! I think we went a little overboard. I will make some jam later today.

On the way home, we stopped by the Civil War Reenactment. Noah was very keen on getting a gun - but they were all sold out. Talk about a disappointed 4 year old! But these things are all good lessons I guess. I reminded him about my shoe rack experience and we prayed to the Lord to help us be thankful and patient for His blessings.

See the big army behind the kids?

We had front row seats for the battle

A picture with one of the "players"

The next day we skipped church and drove to Mount Rainier for the day. It was beautiful and cold - not what you would expect on the first day of Summer. It was a nice day though. One minute we were driving in beautiful yellow sunshine and then next we were in the middle of a rain shower complete with thunder and lightning!

You know how opposites attract? Well, Mr. Santos is VERY cautious - and I am not...that is good. I need him to protect me. This is a picture of all the pretty scenery that we are not getting out to explore because of the threats of land and rock slides.
I did get this shot though of the Nisqually River - just a thin but powerful rushing creek compared to the size that it sometimes swells to. What a mighty river it can be - I'm glad it was only a creek this day though...the top begins somewhere up in those wet clouds.
Me and my man - we did get out a few times - where it was safe of course. :)

Goodbye beautiful mountain!

We ate lunch at a restaurant near the Hobo Inn. (these are for the viewing pleasure of Auntie Cheri) We were the first customers in the overflow section - in only a moment this side of the train was also full of customers.

This was the full side - lots of visitors for Father's Day

Just a few miles from the gate of the park

We stopped at a metal scupture park - naturally - Mr. Santos is a great welder

Playing in the band

What would a family vacation be without a few stops at those crazy sculptures along the way?


  1. Wow, 14 lbs is alot of berries. Did you end up making Jam? I think I liked the sculpture of the spider the best. Also, it's been a while since you've posted a pic of you and Luis - mostly it's usually the kids (I'm not complaining I love to see them too), you and Luis look so good together and seeing you in a recent photo makes me miss you my sister. It sounds and looks like you had a great weekend. I hope to see you soon.

  2. thank you for going to the restaurant at the hobo inn!!! I know, I know, you went for Father's Day, but now I can see what it looks like inside and that makes me very happy. That is why I say thank you! Maybe some day we could spend the night there? Wouldn't that be fun? Love you guys. Talk to you later. Auntie Cheri

  3. That would be nice if we could spend the night there! I love you too.


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