May 25, 2009

Reptile Museum

Hope everyone had a wonderful day off . Thank you to our troops for all of their service for our country. My half-brother, Ian, spent one year or more in Iraq. God bless you good, Ian. We spent the day in Monroe at the Reptile Museum. The other day, when chopping through the blackberry bushes, Mr. Santos killed a snake. The girls were very curious, but their father would not let them touch or investigate the snake.

"Young ladies should NOT play with snakes!" he said.

So we went to Monroe to see them in their cages. We ate tacos at the "Taco truck" (the only way to eat tacos away from home) and saw up close and personal these scary, large, intimidating creatures. The pictures are not mine - they are from We forgot our camera - AGAIN!


Green Iguana. We got to pet one - it was spine tingling!

This was my favorite - The Chameleon. They're kinda cute to watch climbing around.

AAAAAGGGGHHHHH! is all I have to say about the many spiders we saw - including some horrible, humongous pink one that eats small birds! I get the eeby jeebies just thinking about it.
Highlights of the day ~ the great sunshine, the yummy Taco Truck, being together and oooing and aahing over the animals. We also enjoyed the albino alligator who opened his wide mouth just for us. We were at eye level with his teeth, only a sheet of glass separating us, so it was very cool - or scary - depending on which Santos member you ask.
The yuck of the day? A glass case FULL of large cockroaches and other creepy crawlies for food. BLEh!


  1. This sounds like it was a really cool day. Wish I was there. Auntie Lisa.

  2. You're brave! Me? Not so much! Love, Kacee


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