April 06, 2009

Sunny days

This is a picture of my monkeys climbing the trees in the back yard just this past weekend. What a nice weekend it was! We made teepees, stayed outside the ENTIRE day and even ran through the sprinklers yesterday. Today is a hot 73 degrees. I can't believe that we woke to snow only five days ago, on Sophia's birthday. I guess you never know what a day may bring. Thank you Lord, for the sunshine - and the rain. :)

Now if only I had a clothesline like my friend mamapua. I'll just have to put one up if this sunshine holds.


  1. hey what did you do? you change your mind about canceling your blog? Sure hope so, cause we miss you.

  2. yes...many posts coming soon

  3. Yeah! I check in from time to time & your words inspire me. I don't blog myself, but I do really enjoy reading friends' blogs. For many of my friends, it's a great creative outlet (and I know how creative you are!)

  4. I am glad.


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