March 20, 2009

Hello Again!

It's been a whole week since we posted last. How is everybody? Did you miss us? We were on a tropical holiday somewhere warm and colorful...NAH - just kidding.

Some of the things that have kept us busy are ~

~ Cooking ~

On top of preparing (and cleaning up) our regular meals there were two other events I cooked for. Mr. Santos had a potluck for the end of his classes so I made him some yummy appetizers and a chocolate cake. Also, a good friend was in need so the girls and I made their family dinner one night this week.

~ Audit ~

We spent the month of January answering and dealing with a tax audit. Our dear friends, the Internal Revenue Service, decided they didn't like our answers. Perhaps they are friends of yours too? So now, the Santos Family is spending the month of March, again striving to make them happy and hoping to keep our little savings in our own pocket.

~ Parties ~

It is spring! Seems like everyone we know has a birthday in Spring. My girls do. We have had a couple parties to prepare for and attend. Good fun.

~ Body Balance ~

The whole family attended another great Body Balance event in Seattle. It was great! We learned a lot and met some really wonderful people. Every person on the planet needs Body Balance.

~ Organizing ~

Living in such a small place has it's challenges, like being a small place. I have one cupboard for my pots and pans and appliances. It is a low, dark, small space. My current method is to push, shove, and slam everything in there. When I need anything, which is five or six times a day, I just take it all out, (picture piles on the kitchen floor) find what I need, and then shove it all back. I decided this is not a very good system.

There was also the hateful job of filing. It's amazing how things pile up when you put it off week by week. (smiles) I did transfer all my files to a cute wicker filing cabinet (yard sale $3.00). Perhaps this will help inspire me to file our bills and papers more regularly. A tax audit is really inspiring too.

There was the school 'shelf' to organize also. One shelf to keep all school supplies - now this takes skill (and prayer for creativity). It also helps to be a little ruthless - if we are not using it, then I pass it on to someone who will.

~ Listening ~

Finally, our family has been dealing with unemployment and El Salvador elections and extended family hardships. These things have taken most of our thoughts and energies. It is our desire that the Santos Times would be a bright spot to visit, only it has been raining cats and dogs over here. This week we thought it better to be quiet and listen instead of posting.


So there you have it. What have you been doing all week?


  1. I was wondering where you were? : ) Love ya, Kacee

  2. Yes! We did miss you!! Someone has a birthday very soon. Like in 4 days, right? Will do a Video Chat that day. So sorry about the audit. Yuck.

  3. Kacee - so cool to see you comment! Hope you guys are all well, I thought I read briefly you had sickness at your house - hope everyone is better.

  4. You will?! We love video chat! Naomi's birthday is on Tuesday!


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