March 31, 2009

Faith as a child

On our recent 'vacation' the children took turns sitting in the van with me. It was the coveted seat. For them, sitting in the front of the van, especially with the added height of a car seat, is like sitting on top of the world. The children can pretend they are driving, open the windows, and chit chat with Mom face-to-face instead of through the rear-view mirror.

When it was Noah's turn:

Mom: "Noah, I'm tired of all these grey skies. Will you blow them away for me?"

Noah: "O.K. Mom." He blows with all his might.

Mom smiles and pats her boy's leg. "Thank you, Noah." A long pause.

Noah: "Look Mom, I see some blue sky!"

Mom: "Cool! Ask the Lord if he will let you blow some more clouds away so that we can have some sunshine."

Noah: "K." A long silence and then a loud blow - his rosy cheeks puffed out like a blow fish.

Mom smiles broadly enchanted with her sweet boy. The van continues it's way up the windy road, through a forest covered in grey skies. Up ahead there is a sharp turn to the right. As the van nears the curve the trees clear, a bright blue ocean is revealed and warm, yellow sun beams shine all over the place creating little diamonds on the sea.

Noah: "K. Mom. Now you have sun."

Mom incredulously: "Wow! The Lord answered your prayers!"

Noah looking out the window with satisfaction: "yep."

Four year old Noah brushing his teeth - cape and pop gun always available in case of an emergency.

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  1. Yep. That's pretty cool how God listens to you, Noah. He loves you a lot, huh? I am glad that you know God. He is always on your side. I love your cape and your gun. I bet you shoot pretty far on it. Love you, auntie cheri


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