February 18, 2009

Movie Marathon

The following are some trailers to some films that have contributed to my desire to find out the truth about nutrition. I hope to see "The Beautiful Truth" soon. Even so, I have found the information this movie is promoting to be true in my research. I show the film "Food Matters" to whoever will watch it with me...awesome. The movie "King Corn" will make you look at everything you eat - EVERYTHING - in a new way. Also, I have not yet seen "Generation Rx" but stand in full agreement that drugs for behavioral problems is not the answer for anyone, let alone children.

I apologize for any bad language you may hear in the clips. I still think they are worth watching. We don't have to live tired, sick, and suffering lives. This is the TRUTH...and the TRUTH shall set you free.

Food Matters Official Trailer from foodmatters on Vimeo.

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