February 05, 2009

Fun in the neighborhood

Just around the corner from our house is a place called Banner Woods. We went there to enjoy a walk and a little adventure. You can see Noah - our little man - leading the way and cutting a trail with his sword.

Below, the girls get a little timid as the woods get thicker and darker - remembrances of Hansel and Gretel coming to mind.

There were countless forks along the trail.

I let them decide which way we would go. "Just remember how to get outta here - o.k.?" They were so cute as they would try and find markings on trees and on the trail. "Mom, this tree has moss on it...we'll remember that!" "Hm - o.k." (I secretly thought - don't all these trees have moss on them? I'm starting to feel claustrophobic. Oh my gosh are we gonna make it outta these woods?)

Yeah - let's go to the water where I can breathe. So just a few minutes on the other side of our street we went to the pier - across the street from the library.

Look to the left and see a view of Seattle in the background and the Bremerton Ferry.

Look to the right and see our snow covered Mount Rainier.

Don't we live in a beautiful neighborhood? We grabbed some more books from the library and went home to finish up those German chocolate brownies. A great day!


  1. I wish I was there with you, Noah, Sophia and Naomi look so big. You guys are at such a fun age - I MISS YOU!

    The picture of the ferry makes me miss Seattle and going over to see you guys at night after work.

    Love you.
    Auntie Lisa

  2. We miss you too. Come and visit us Auntie Lisa - mom says you will buy us a corn dog! Come, come, come!

    Sophia, Naomi and Noah

  3. Mrs. Santos,

    Banner Woods looks like a fun place to explore. My husband and I enjoy doing outdoor nature walks when we have the time.

    Anyway, it looks like you had a good time, and Noah is such a "brave little man" to take care of his ladies (smiles).

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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