February 18, 2009

Body Balance Again

I was part of another two great Body Balance events yesterday. It was SO fun. I just LOOOVE attending these events and talking nutrition. It's so great when someone asks,

"Well, I have these allergies - you think Body Balance would help?"

I get goosebumps all over! I have seen people with allergies, acne, arthritis, autism and adhd experience relief and healing just by adding whole food nutrition to their life. And those are just some of the "A's" - not to mention the rest of the alphabet! If we give our bodies what it needs, it WILL (as it was designed to do) heal itself. So what does our body need? It all depends on the body and how depleted it is.

Like a car that needs gas to run, our bodies need nutrients to run. It is only a matter of time before we need to be refueled. If we run our car on fumes for too long it starts to break down. If you put the wrong kind of gas in, it starts to break down. If you don't change the oil regularly, it starts to break down.

So where are you at? Do you have a full tank? Do you have reserves for an emergency? Are you on empty, or do you consistently fill your tank up with a couple gallons just to have to stop again and again for refueling? Is your car constantly in the shop for repairs?

Maybe this is a clearer picture for you. Like a house needs a firm foundation to withstand the weather, our bodies need a firm foundation to get through all that life throws at us (toxins, germs, stress). The problem is, most of us live in run down, neglected shacks. It may have a nice paint job, perhaps even a good roof, which CAN do good for protecting a house. But a flood, or an earthquake, or heavy winds can send a house without a firm foundation to the ground. We live life thinking those things will never happen. It is not so much what good nutrition does for us now - at this moment - but also what it prevents in the next five or ten years.

That foundation is built with the following:

Trace elements
amino acids
essential fatty acids

There is no way folks to get these things without a good whole food nutritional supplement and there is nothing on the planet like Body Balance.

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