January 12, 2009

Michelle at Whatsoever things are lovely often shares great quotes. What do you think about this one?

"Do not take pride in offensively expressing yourself on every occasion, under the impression that you will be admired for your frankness and plain speech. Speaking your mind, is an extravagance which has ruined many a woman.

"Twentieth Century Etiquette: An-Up-To-Date Book for Polite Society, copyright 1900.


  1. I instantly thought of Marilla's friend, Rachael Cuthbert, from Anne of Green Gables!

    I don't know anyone that takes pride in speaking their mind because they think they'll impress anyone.....but I know people who express their minds becuase they never learned to stop and think before they speak. There is a difference in intent , but the effect is the same.

  2. Dear old Rachael Cuthbert! :)Also, sometimes women speak out to prove someone wrong - even though they may be right it is not always necessary or good to make your point.

  3. Mrs. Santos,

    I agree with this quote. I actually did this the other day on a blog site. Although it is very unlikely that the person I spoke about would find my blog, God knows. I had to ask God's forgiveness on this because it's wrong to talk about others. Matthew tells us that we are to treat people as we would like to be treated. It's a golden rule, I feel, that is so easily forgotten, but must be remembered.

    BTW, I haven't gotten around to responding to your email. I've been busy as well as trying not to spend so much of my free time on the Internet. I am trying to learn to focus more of my free time on reading my scriptures and spending time with my husband. I hope you understand, but I have not forgotten you, okay?

    I hope to do some emailing later this week.

    Mrs. Lady Sofia


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