January 07, 2009

In the evening

Saying Grace by Norman Rockwell
Mr. Santos has decided to go back to school to gain some skills and some certifications. So, this means our schedule has now flip-flopped. Instead of seeing Daddy at the end of the day we only see him in the morning. It feels a little lonely putting the kids to bed and Mr. Santos is not there - turning off all the lights and locking all the doors and windows by myself. Sure, he'll be home later, but still.
Tonight we ate sandwiches for dinner and drank hot chocolate. We read a couple Proverbs and then did some of our school work. It was strange doing school work after dinner...after dark. Later, the kids and I got online because we wanted to see an episode of the Duggars new show...(you know, the family with 18 kids) We saw a few clips and then we watched a few clips of "Jon and Kate plus 8" We don't have a television and we got a little carried away with this show watching SEVERAL clips. They have twins and sextuplets and the show is a little bit about their life and struggles. They seem like a very sweet and normal couple with normal kids and normal issues - it's all so normal, yet people watch it - we did. I kind of cringed when I saw Kate disrespect her husband so much and then when the children were being disciplined I wondered what I would do if the whole world was watching me.
We turned it off - did some "dancing" around the house to 'World Wide Message Tribe' jumpin in the house. Naomi didn't like the song so she started to pout and demand her own song. I imagined movie cameras rolling. She was sent away until she could choose to be happy and thankful. This didn't change anything...only turned into a tantrum...which turned into a spanking...(would they allow that on T.V.?) When she was ready to come out and be happy, loud jumping music time was over and the music had changed to classical piano and gentle twirls and leaps by Sophia. Noah was just spinning in circles making himself sick. I was in my room sorting papers by this time. Naomi was not going to be happy. Nothing was turning out right for her. More foot stomping and pouting and tears. Again, I imagined the cameras rolling. What would America think if they saw me now?
But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. 1 Peter 4:7

Who cares what other people think? Lord, what do you think? What should I do with my kids when they misbehave? What should I do Lord when I don't know what to do?

T.V. or not - our lives are a testimony to others. In the private moments when you think noone is watching - the Lord is watching and we reap what we sow. Help me Lord to be diligent in TRAINING and LOVING my children...


  1. Fun post, Lauara....imagining cameras rolling would certainly change the way we respond to trying situations.

  2. Yep - makes me think of that song
    Oh be careful little eyes what you see...for the Father up above is looking down with Love...:)

  3. I liked this entry Laura. It was very real. Lisa

  4. Thanks Lisa. You want real? Last night when bathing my kids I discovered that one of them (name withheld to protect identity) just puts on an extra pair of underpants over the old pair every day. In this way they can answer truthfully when I ask "Do you have clean underwear on?" He or she had on three pairs of underpants. AAHH!


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