January 20, 2009

Brown Sugar Box

We follow a lovely blog called HomeLiving. One of the girls' most favorite things to do is to cut and paste and Lady Lydia at Home Living always has beautiful craft ideas. While the following pictures don't do her any justice, she is the inspiration for all their work.

Sophia made two books - one on Love, each page an item listed from 1 Corinthians 13 and another of the Fruit of the Spirit.

Here are a couple pics of the great, horrible, fun mess they made.

They cut and pasted from a bunch of old magazines we picked up at the Thrift Store.

Ta Da! A beautiful gift bag made from a brown sugar box. Sophia put her book in the box as a gift for a special little girlfriend. Thank you Lady Lydia.


  1. I to enjoy Lydia's projects...such a creative lady with so much grace and wisdom.

  2. Thank you for visiting the Santos Times Deby. It's nice to meet you!

    Mrs. Santos


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